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Gyps Africanus
A Hit At The Aero Exhibition
April 28 2001
The Albatros, a Standard Class sailplane designed by Hansjorg Streifeneder of Glasfaser Flugzeug Service, based at Grabenstetten, Germany, is attracting a lot of interest at the Aero 2001 Exhibition, currently being staged at Friedrichshafen, Germany.

This 15 metre newcomer has a cantilever five piece gull dihedral wing with bent-up tips and optional winglets plus a cockpit rescue system. The T-tail has electrically adjustable horizontal stabilisers, there are triple panel upper surface airbrakes and an electrically retractable sprung undercarriage.

Derek's Favourite Gliders
April 26 2001
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a Scud 2 (photographed)?

If so Derek Piggott tells you in the first of his series of articles on some of the most memorable aircraft he has flown. See Features.

Dutch Nationals Moved To Germany
April 26 2001
The foot and mouth epidemic in Holland has resulted in the Dutch Nationals, planned for May 14 to 23 at Terlet Airfield, being switched to Rudolstadt in Germany.

We Would Like To Hear From You
April 23 2001
We are keen to cover the entire gliding world and would welcome news about flying in your country, wherever you are based. It would also be great to hear from the lesser known gliding areas. See above for my e-mail address. - Gillian.

Hailstorms In The UK
April 20 2001
Britain is having its share of spring hailstorms. Read 'Weather Wise', Tom Bradbury's article on the subject.

Authorised For Pawnee Modification
April 19 2001
Yorkton Aircraft Services now have an installation centre in Canada (Saskatchewan) for the Piper PA-25 Pawnee wing/fuselage modification kit. The firm also have approved bases in the United States, Argentina, Sweden and Australia to work on this popular glider towplane. The contact is

Nominations For SSA Board of Directors
April 18 2001
The deadline for nominations to the SSA Board of Directors is May 31. For full details see SSA website.

Website For the British Ladder Competition
April 17 2001
John Bridge, the BGA Ladder Steward, has built a website which ultimately will make it simple for pilots to log on their flights and see where they are on the table.

As he says, the UK season has been delayed by the foot and mouth epidemic, but the mood is upbeat with hopes that cross-country flying will soon be allowed. When it is, the website will be a most important asset and make the competition all the more exciting. The site looks pretty good already but John promises refinements in the coming months. So far he lists all the basics from the rules, handicaps to useful links.

Roake's Ramblings
April 14 2001
John Roake, Editor of New Zealand Gliding Kiwi, has an entertaining column in his magazine which he has generously allowed us to print. It's full of good things and you'll find it under Features.

We Would Value Your Help
April 12 2001
We are attempting to get feedback from the soaring pilot community on their preferences for varios, flight directors and recorders instrumentation. As all of you know, in the past ten years there has been a proliferation of both analog and digitised instruments to assist pilot’s in flight decisions.
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