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  National Landmark of Soaring No. 12
  By Bertha Ryan
Posted: February 4 2002
Pilots in Germany first flew their gliders in wave conditions where Dr Joachim Kuettner wanted to learn more about this smooth lift accompanied by stationary clouds. Bishop Airport, the main site of the project, is located near a small town at the northern end of the narrow Owens Valley of California with high mountains on each side (many peaks are more than 14 000ft) - the Sierra Nevada to the west and the White and Inyo mountain ranges on the east. The celebration will consist of a landmark dedication at the airport at 1pm and a dinner in the town of Bishop in the evening, including a talk by Einar Enevoldson on the Perlan high altitude project and a panel discussion by original participants in the Sierra Wave project. The accompaning picture was taken on March 5, 1950, looking south in the Owens Valley from approximately 30 000ft above a point north of Bishop. Sylvia Colton is organising the event but for dinner reservations and further information contact me by email. Syvlia’s address is PO Box 1435, Bishop, CA, 93515, USA; tel +760.872.1573..