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  More About Klaus Ohlmann’s Record Flight
  By Klaus Ohlmann and Gillian
Posted: December 12 2000
Despite a late start at 13:15hrs, Klaus flew a 1309km free distance flight around three turning points at an average speed of 169km/h. On November 26, Klaus completed an even more remarkable flight - 2463km.
We have an account of this flight from Klaus.

With a slight delay, I start from San Martin de los Andes at 6.30am. At 13:15 we pass San Martin on the way back, having already covered 1050km.

From there, staying mostly above 5000m, we continue in the lee of the main ridge across the Barrancas valley and the Rio Grande. With a speed scarcely ever below 250km/h, we zip along to the north. However, our groundspeed of approximately 300km/h convinces me to continue to the north. The flight will be in the February issue of Soaring and more details will be found on